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Attract and retain a team of top-tier players that enable your organisation to develop, flourish and grow without breaking your budget!

 Dream Team programme

Are you a business leader frustrated with being held back from growing your organisation and achieving your desired outcomes because you don’t have the team you need?




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The "Your Dream Team" programme will enable you to develop the team you both need and can afford, in order to make your organisation flourish and succeed, re-energising you, and enabling you to focus on the bigger picture.


Are you concerned about..

Your ability to recruit and retain the team you need to run, develop and grow your organisation?


You may be wondering about:

  • The scarcity of people with the required skills you need

  • Your inability to compete with large, established brands that can pay higher salaries

  • Limited opportunities to recognise and promote your employees

  • Economic impacts of inflation, the cost of living and other challenges on your employees

  • Concerns about the lack of diversity within your organisation

  • Questions on how you can create a productive and inclusive work environment

  • The risk of losing your best team members to organisations that can pay more

Discover the secrets to developing a Dream Team   that propels your organisation forward.

What if you could create a team that consistently exceeds targets, drives innovation, and propels your business forward?

Your Dream Team programme will provide you with a roadmap to identify, attract, and retain the team you need, guiding you through the process step-by-step to ensure your success.

  • Achieve the business outcomes you need through a loyal team invested in your success

  • Become a brand with instant recognition and appeal to the employees you need.

  • Be the preferred option for scarce/highly sort after skilled/technical staff

  • Know the secret to motivating employees to remain loyal to your organisation during challenging times

  • Turn your employees into brand ambassadors who are fully engaged, celebrate you, and give their very best to your organisation at all times.

  • Become recognised as an employer of choice to which people from diverse backgrounds feel proud to belong.

  • Regain the joy and excitement of going to work each day and achieving great outcomes.

Led by Susan Popoola, the Your Dream Team programme is created with the flexibility to support the needs of small and medium-sized organisations, providing cost-effective strategies that yield exceptional outcomes, high valued impact.

What does the programme offer?

To enable you to see clear outcomes within a 3-month period, the programme will include..

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Strategic Review

During this 90-minute session, you'll receive a comprehensive review of your current position, challenges, strategy, and plans, which provides you with a clear picture of where you are, enabling you to understand what is working and what requires improvement.

Team Building Session

Strategic Coaching Sessions

Six powerful calls providing you with immediate insight and further guidance to keep you on track with support on emerging issues that may arise.

Game Strategy Plan

Dream Team Action Plan

Map out simple steps for you and your key team members to meet your immediate Dream Team objectives within 3 months.

Creating a Mood Board

Weekly Inspiration

These weekly check-ins will provide you with insights and ideas that keep you motivated and making consistent progress towards your Dream Team objectives.

Register for the Dream Team programme now and start transforming your ORGANISATION today!

At Mosaic Fusions, Experience the power of the Your Dream Team programme and witness remarkable progress in just three months.



It is designed for high impact through cost-effective strategies to build the Dream Team you need without breaking the bank.

Time Commitment

The programme is also designed to enable you to achieve tangible outcomes within a minimal amount of time, and without spending too much time on the process.

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Option 1: Full Payment of £5000 plus VAT

Option 2: 4 monthly payments of £1500 plus VAT

Join the Dream Team programme and unlock the potential of your organisation!

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