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Impactful Leadership and Legacy Week: March 2024

In March, I jointly hosted the Impactful Leadership and Legacy Week with Katrine Horn.


We  had such a rich diversity of speakers - all unique with highly valuable insights relating to the theme of Impactful Leadership and Legacy.


As I said constantly during the week, it’s also pertinent to my work which is focused around Creating Harmony, Impact and Legacy. I believe this is important to every leader in the world of complexity we are living in today.


You can find out more about my organisational and leadership work here: Mosaic Fusions.


In relation to the Impactful Leadership and Legacy week, here are a few of my key insights and reflections from the different speakers. Hopefully they will entice you to watch the sessions yourself if you haven’t already done so, or to watch again if you’ve already seen them!


Day One: On the Monday, we kicked off with Niha Wunnava speak on Taking Executive Risk To Improve Career & Company Results and Frank Tsuro on The 5 quests of a first-generation-leader. 

Niha defined risk from a slightly different angle from the norm I’m used to hearing i.e. she spoke of risks as the things that we need to do to achieve our missions. Presenting a 5 Step Framework for Smart Risk Mastery it created a sense of the need to navigate risk rather than avoid them,  As a result, I now feel more confident about facing into risks I’m presented with.


Frank gave an eye opening talk about the challenges of being a First Generation Leader. It was fascinating to increase my awareness of what it can be like for people who find themselves to be the first of their kind in an environment, and to gain some insights into the challenges they face and how their behaviours may be misconstrued by others. While Frank was speaking about first generation leaders, what he said could apply to other people who find themselves to the first in an environment such as women, people from minority backgrounds or poor social economic backgrounds.



Day Two: On Tuesday, Christina Wyatt spoke about Mastering Team Excellence: Building and Leading High Performing Teams and Phil Smith on It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it.

Christina shared her journey into leadership at a very young age, how she navigated, the impact she had, and  how she now works to empower leaders, supporting them in building teams and transforming people’s futures.  


Phil also spoke about his journey, overtime he has set up and lead two highly successful companies. At a later stage, he has however come to the realisation that the most important thing is relationships. As he spoke of his journey and how he works to support other leaders, I actually found myself feeling quite emotional.



Day Three: On Wednesday we had two very energising sessions with Audrey Tang sharing on Stressbusting and Resilience building and Kemi Oyesola speaking about the Legacy of Leadership Thinking.


Audrey’s session is something you have to experience yourself if you want to appreciate the power of her stress busting and resilience building techniques. I believe it’s more critical in these times than ever, and Audrey arguably has solutions for almost any situation -  we were provided with a whole tool kit of strategies to use with ourselves and others.


Kemi spoke about how we think as leaders and the importance of leaders taking responsibility for whatever situation they may find themselves in – this at times means that we may all need support to navigate and achieve our desired results. The important thing is not to make excuses, but to find a way through. So much ultimately comes down to how we think.



Day Four: On Thursday Rob Z Wentz spoke on Beyond Limits: The Breakthrough Blueprint, while Jason Sinclair spoke about Inclusive Talent Leadership 


Rob spoke of finding your vision by doing the deep work of looking inside of oneself, explaining that we need to spend time with ourselves when we are trying to achieve a breakthrough. He explained that you find your vision or insight into concepts and ideas by doing the deep work of looking inside of oneself. This means getting away from distractions of technology and finding quiet spaces to focus.


Jason reminded us of the importance of talent in creating impact and spoke of the importance of the science of belonging which empowers people to contribute their best. It was refreshing to hear his view on young people’s ability to run things in a much more inclusive manner than older generations. We have a lot to learn, and dare I add – can learn a lot from them.



Day Five with Nigel Watson speaking about Innovating Tradition: Maasai's Path to a Sustainable Future and Divya Singhal on The Role of Business Schools in developing Responsible Leaders.


Nigel, freshly back from a trip to Kenya where he was working on a project that supported a Maasia group in developing a self sustaining community, shared the experience with us.. He presented a model which could be used in regeneration in any community.  I was fascinated by how much had been achieved in partnership with the Maasai, leveraging what they already had. It’s a true demonstration of Impactful Leadership and Legacy.


Divya presented another great example of Impactful Leadership as she spoke of how the Centre for Social Sensitivity and Action in Goa  provide an academic education to it’s students, but also get’s them to visit and work in the community in various capacities, such that they have a full empathy and understanding for the world in which they will be serving as leaders. It truly gave me hope and inspiration for the future.



I hope my insights tempts you watch the speakers share their insights. I’d love to know what new insights you gain from them. Impact and Legacy are significant to leadership and life itself. I appreciate how much our speakers demonstrated this from a number of different insightful perspectives.


One of my favourites is  “We die twice: Once when we die physically and secondly when there’s nothing left on this earth for us to be remembered by.


While my work is focused on creating harmony, positive impact and legacy, there is a reality that by our very existence we all have an impact of some kind - intended or otherwise; and whether it’s what we want to see or otherwise. Key therefore, why not make the effort to create what you want to see, often achieveable just by making little shifts?


I’d love to have a conversation with you in order to learn a bit about you and what you are working to achieve, to find out what you thought of the week and to be of support to you if/as appropriate, so please do get in touch.


Outside of this, I’d love to send you my updates  in which I share some of my own insights, updates on some of the things that I’m working on with organisations, leaders and my own legacy work via Mosaic Wise CIC which is focused on young people who have been in (foster) care.

With all good wishes


Susan Popoola MA CIPD FRSA

Human Value Optimisation

Creating Harmony, Impact and Legacy for a Mosaic World

Mobile: +44 (0) 7957 743022


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