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... Navigating Growth?

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... Navigating Complexity?

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... Stepping Back?

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... a Wisdom Seeker?

As a leader, you need a productive team that supports you in achieving your organisation’s objectives throughout the different stages of your leadership journey.

As a Leader, are You...

Mosaic Fusions has over 20 years of experience supporting leaders and understands the people related challenges and opportunities that leaders within business contexts.
​With support from Mosaic Fusions on your leadership journey, you will be able to confidently lead the team you need to achieve your business objectives.


You want to lead an organisation that grows successfully and has a positive impact


You require a productive team you can rely on to help you achieve your objectives


You need to be able to navigate successfully through the challenges of a complex world

The world has become increasingly complex, challenging and difficult to navigate

Skills Shortages – Recruitment & Retention – Global Pandemic – Hybrid Working

Inflation - The Cost of Living – Technology – Brand Reputation – Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

We believe you deserve to be able to speak of your Leadership Journey with Confidence & Pride

Mosaic Fusions recognises that amidst the challenges and complexity leaders face, there are numerous opportunities to be derived from understanding and tapping into the rich diversity of the people and opportunities available to you

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Discussing project on screen

We run professional lead conversations and events in safe environments with like-minded peers who recognise and want to leverage the value of people at work.

We do this with a pragmatic, honest focus on helping you to achieve your desired outcomes.

The earlier you engage with us in your leadership journey, the smoother your journey becomes.


Our Masterminds provide the opportunity to discuss subject  and concerns iindepth detail in small exclusive groups 

One to One
Leadership Support

For more immediate feedback and fresh perspectives & insights to what you are navigating through


FROM: A leader who often feels inwardly lonely and worried, due to the pressures, anxieties and frustrations that come from not having the productive team you require to meet your objectives.


TO: Becoming a leader who is happy, confident, and proud to be able to speak of their leadership journey, business outcomes, and the team that supports you.

The earlier you engage with us in your leadership journey, the smoother your journey becomes.

Expert Facilitation
I have worked with Susan professionally for a number of years and her human-first approach has ensured she has been successful in providing valuable advice and insights to support change programmes as well as delivering practical facilitation and professional services to support a range of people services and organisational development activities.

Her discursive sessions enabled an honest sharing of views and enquiry, expertly facilitated by Susan, who allowed participants to find their own way openly and constructively. I valued the time and space to reflect, to hear from others and to bring some order to a complex and emotive challenge. Susan’s approach to deconstructing a problem so that it could be better understood and more intelligently faced provided a valuable framework in which to begin difficult conversations and emerging actions. 
Julie Mills, Chief Executive & Principal, Milton Keynes College Group
Encouraging & Inquiring
I had the great pleasure of working with Susan recently in an open forum focussing on different elements regarding Black Britain for Black History Month. What impressed me greatly, and one of the reasons I was keen to take part, was that Susan created a safe, trusted and open environment where a number of us could discuss our thinking on difficult topics. I work with business leaders as an executive leadership coach and never has a forum such as this been needed more. Susan’s easy, encouraging and inquiring style brings out real insight which I believe to be essential in making progress in this crucial area. I cannot recommend Susan highly enough – thank you for bringing me into the conversation.” 
Matthew Griffiths, Board Chair, Vistage
Thinking on Difficult Subjects
Susan creates a safe space for people to discuss and explore their thinking on difficult topics. This has arguably never been more needed if we are to make progress as a society. The way in which she is able to encourage people to voice their opinions without fear of judgement and encourage everyone’s contributions whilst guiding the group towards a coherent outcome was outstanding.
Keith Howells, Managing Partner, Project for Learning Lab
Mosaic Fusions will guide you on your leadership journey so that you will be able to confidently build and lead the team you need to achieve your business objectives.
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