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Empower Leadership Summit

Advancing Careers and Building Futures for Ambitious Women

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Susan Popoola

Susan Popoola is a Human Value Optimisation Specialist who coaches and mentors purpose driven leaders to create Impact, Harmony and Legacy. 


She is the published author of books inclusive of Male Perspectives on the Value of Women at Work.  Complemented by her background experience and qualifications in HR Strategy, Organisation Development and Systems Thinking, her research enables her to support both men and women in understanding and realise their value and that of others, optimising human value and creating Gender Harmony at work.


She is also the host of the Leading in a Mosaic World podcast and us regularly called on to  facilitate and speak at events on a global basis.

Susan will be speaking on "Glass Ceilings to Open Doors" at the Summit

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Leveraging Your Value to Open Doors.png
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