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Legacy Alignment Progam

The world around you defines you as successful, but you are increasingly questioning your Legacy.


Do you find yourself constantly questioning your accomplishments and worrying about the legacy you will leave behind?

Even though you have financial stability/freedom, wealth, and a comfortable life, this inner conflict leaves you feeling anxious and confused, unable to fully enjoy the fruits of your hard work and wondering if there is more that you can do.

Despite Achieving...

The personal and professional success that has taken you to the peak of your career, leading you to be recognised and respected by peers in your business industry and the wider business community,

Are you Yearning...


for Peace of Mind, Confidence, and Assurance that you will leave behind a secure legacy aligned with your purpose. You want to be truly proud of your accomplishments and know that you have positively impacted the world.

Design a legacy plan that ensures your work is extremely fulfilling and makes a positive impact...

and long after you’re gone.

Senior Businessman





  • Introductory meetings with Susan Popoola to build trust and rapport for open communications.

  • Life journey explorations to establish the significance of the different stages of your past and how they relate to your legacy and purpose



  • Inner circle discussions to gain further insights from the perspectives of people with a good knowledge of you.

  • Powerful reviews to discuss insights from the different meetings and their significance to your future.

  • An Insight Report and Action Plan to provide you with a clear picture of the significance of your story and straightforward steps to confidently move forward.



  • Ongoing Support to ensure you have that you remain focused and on track.

  • Flexible timing of meetings to accommodate your schedule.

  • Confidentiality terms agreed in advance with you and your inner circle

Embark on THE LEGACY ALIGNMENT journey TODAY and transform your self-criticism into a confident and a purposeful legacy that truly reflects the lasting impact you desire to leave behind.


Presented by Susan Popoola,
Founder & CEO at Mosaic Fusions Ltd.

Susan Popoola, the CEO of Mosaic Fusions supports organisation leaders in creating highly productive and fulfilling workplaces that achieve optimal results within the context of the complexities and challenges of the modern work environment. Her deep rooted belief in human value, and her ability to understand and connect with people from a rich diversity of backgrounds enables her to support leaders in optimising and bringing out the best in people and organisations. Her belief in human value is reflected in her podcast, “Leading in a Mosaic World, and her books: Touching the Heart of Milton Keynes: A Social Perspective, Consequences: Diverse to Mosaic Britain, and Male Perspectives on The Value of Women at Work.

She has extensive cross-sector and international experience working with organisations and delegates from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, China and the US. She is also a South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership Ambassador, Royal Society of Arts fellow, Good Work Guild member, and former Fellow of Windsor Castle’s Society of Leaders. When she’s not working with organisations, you are likely to find her on the Golf course, working to support young people who have been in the care system, or working on her latest book on multiculturalism.

About Us

Why Ask Mosaic Fusions and Susan Popoola for support?

Objectives through this Programme

The Legacy Alignment adopts a supportive, empathetic and focused approach to empower you to move your journey forward with the confidence to align your actions and values to the impactful legacy that you want to achieve.


  • A leader in her own right, Susan has worked with leaders from a cross-sector of organisations, from multinationals to micro businesses.

  • She is known for her cadence and insightfulness.

  • She challenges, but in a manner that makes her challenge easy to accept.

  • Above all, she cares about you, what is important to you, and your future.

Matthew Griffiths, Board Chair, Vistage

"Encouraging and Enquiring:
Susan’s easy, encouraging, and inquiring style brings out real insight which I believe to be essential in making progress in this crucial area. I cannot recommend Susan highly enough."

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