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Glass Ceilings to Open Doors

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Get the Support You Need to Open Doors to Your Success Receive the support you need to achieve your desired outcomes without compromising who you are. Unlimited Laser Coaching calls over a six months period for £2500 plus VAT Supporting you in understanding the barriers that stand in the way of your progress This is a customised programmes specifically designed to support Leaders during any stage of the career. This programme is only available for a limited number of individuals, cost effectively charged at £2500 plus VAT or 6 monthly payments of £500 plus VAT. How it Works - When you sign up for the programme, you will receive your own custom link for 6 months of support. The link will remain open all year so that you can schedule your sessions at your convenience during the available times. - Your first session will be a 60 minutes “Defining the Purposes” session to kick of your your support for the 6 months period. During this session we will jointly establish your goals and intentions for the first 3 months. - Then, as soon as you are ready, you can schedule your first 20 minutes Laser support session and wherever you need support thereafter. - Each time we meet, you will be given actions to take before the next session which could be taking practical actions, achieving clearly defined goals, or whatever is most relevant to your needs at the time. - After 3 months, you’ll schedule another 60 minutes call to review your progress, establish goals, set milestones and develop a strategy for the following 3 months of the programme.

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